Goodman furnace blower motor speed adjustment

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Goodman furnace blower motor speed adjustment

Initially the furnace should have been set up for your particular conditions. For example duct size, size of the home, amount of cooling capacity. The motor works by ensuring that there is enough air flow all of the time even under adverse conditions like a dirty filter.

It uses less electricity and makes the home have a more even comfort level. Even when your burners are not on, the blower may still run at a very low speed.

It is also very beneficial with air conditioning and will actually increase the air conditioners SEER rating. The only draw back is that the motor is very expensive.

Probably 5 or 6 hundred contractor cost so that means at least for most homeowners.

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Most of the new variable speed motors can be replaced with a normal PSC motor in case you cant afford to replace the variable speed motor. By computer board. I am not familiar with the Goodman but I have studied a carrier to try to understand it. I think that one simply used the temperature of the heat exchanger to adjust the fan speed. Aside from that it always started the fan off slow with little delay. That improves efficiency two ways.

One it loses less heat immediately without blowing air too cold as with a single speed fan heat setting which if it came on immediately can cause condensation. And the fan delay of most furnaces put more heat up the stack before the fan kicks in. Also a motor draws a lot of power getting up to speed so bringing it more slowly saves power. While that might sound like it won't do much the other half of the savings comes from the board in the thermostat. They have two or three stage heat or with a variable speed heat pump or dual compressor the levels of heat are many.

The thermostat uses temperature and time to determine how much to heat. If the difference between the room temp and setting are great it increases the level of heat like a two stage electric would.

But it also senses the time it takes to heat. If it is a longer run and the delta T is still high the thermostat increases the heat input and then at the furnace end it adjusts the blower speed to match based on temp to get the desired heat rise depending on the heat input determined by the thermostat.

This means the thermostat is unique to the furnace and proprietary. The two boards work together. A generic thermostat won't work right or well for it. You would lose some of the function.

Its is controlled by DIP switches on the circuit board, those switches control the cooling CFM per ton and also the speed when in the heating the mode, other switches control the delay and the timing on the ramping up and ramping down of the motor, how hard the motor works is based on the speed settings but more so determined by external static pressure, for example you may notice if your filter is being restricitve and you remove it while the motor is running you will be able to hear the motor ramp down a bit, more less the motor will do whatever it can to achieve the airflow set by the dip switches.

This I know is what Trane uses, I can't say for sure weather or not Goodman uses the same motor or not but I know the technology is the same as far as working with the static pressures in the ducts. I put a Goodman furnace in my house and if I remember correct it was the Thermostat that told the furnace what to do.Please enter the email address associated with your account and we will send you a link to reset your password.

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goodman furnace blower motor speed adjustment

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Manuals 4. Heating Capacity BTU :.When it's cold outside, the furnace is often the most used appliance in the home. Many people let it blow the warm air out without thinking of the internal mechanics. If the furnace blower is having problems, though, changing its speed could make a difference in the furnace's performance.

Most furnaces have a target speed, depending on the climate and the furnace's capacity. Consult your blower's owners' manual to determine what your furnace blower's speed should be.

Carefully disconnect the wires from the coolant terminal, which is located on the back of the unit. The wires are several different colors. Connect the black wire to the manometer. The manometer tells you the CFM number. CFM stands for "cubic feet per minute.

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The reading will vary, but you will likely see a decimal number, such as 0. Your furnace should have a sticker that tells you the normal range for each of the wire colors.

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Check the other wires. Your furnace's manual tells you whether or not the furnace is blowing low, medium or high. Each wire has a different speed that it blows when connected. While the black is high, the blue is medium, and the yellow is often low. This isn't always the case, though, so it's important to check the speed with the manometer. Attach the wire that is emitting the speed you want — low, medium or high — to the coolant terminal. The wire you choose should be connected to the bottom right of the coolant terminal.

For instance, if the black wire was originally at the bottom right and you now want to use the blue to determine blower speed, you should put the blue wire where the black wire originally was. Consult an electrician or an HVAC specialist if you have any questions. Turning the blower too high makes the furnace noisy when it turns on.

goodman furnace blower motor speed adjustment

Furnace blower manufacturers recommend contacting a certified furnace blower technician to change the blower speed or try to fix the furnace. You could get seriously injured if you run into any problems.

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January in Controls. Hi All, I'm trying to adjust the blower speed for the fan setting on a early 's tempstar furnace.

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It has a 2 stage blower and 3? Please help a wethead who's trying to understand furnaces. This is for a solar heating integration. Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4, January In the blower compartment there will be a circuit board it is either an Electronic Fan Timer or an Integrated Furnace Control.

goodman furnace blower motor speed adjustment

You will need the make and model of the board and get back to me with those. There are dip switches on the board for setting up fan settings, the I and O manual should have the settings info or the spec sheet for the circuit board. Who makes the circuit board and what are the numbers on it?

Give me that and perhaps I can help you out. January edited January That furnace has an ECM variable speed blower, if it is set correctly for heating and cooling it will control the speed of the fan itself. Do you have the Installation and Operations manual for the unit?

If so there is info in it for set up of the motor. I have no experience with the variable speed controls for furnace blowers. For internconecting these systems before all I have had to do is use an aquastat on the pipe heading from the solar piping to the hot water coil in the return. The aquastat closes at say and opens at F, and essentially just parallels the fan switch in the thermostat, thru a second thermostat set to 75 F high limit in the house.

I'll keep reading, and will welcome any advice. Go visit a local HVAC service company and talk to them they can walk you through the procedure.

It is too lengthy to try to educate you here. I'll call the installer who put in the furnace. I would assume they'd know how to do this if I can't figger it out? Welcome It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign In Register. Categories At Goodman, we believe in American dependability.

goodman variable speed residential furnace?

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goodman furnace blower motor speed adjustment

Dealer Specification Sheet. Energy Efficiency. Residential Products. Product Reviews. Featured Products. Connect with us. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Duplication in part or in whole is strictly prohibited.Remember Me? Results 1 to 5 of 5. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. When in heating mode, I can barely hear the blower. I checked the wiring and noticed that there is a W1 and W2 connection for heating, but only a Y2 for cooling.

Can someone share with me the quantitative difference?

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Thanks for your expertise. Originally Posted by kkl. Originally Posted by skippedover. The dip switch adjustments should be made according to the size of the cooling system. Each of the speed represents the proper airflow for different sizes. As for the 'Y-1', 'Y-2' question, those refer to cooling speeds, meaning that if you have a 2-stage cooling system, then both Y-1 and Y-2 would be connected via a 2-stage thermostat.

If you don't have a 2-stage cooling system, then Y-2 is the appropriate connection and using the proper dip switch settings the unit should move the appropriate CFMs of air. A variable speed blower motor is an ECM electronically commutated motor that is a permanent magnet, DC motor. The variability comes from attaching a motor controller to the motor, thus creating the opportunity for the motor to operate a an infinite number of speeds and to also be programmed to do specific things.

It is a high efficiency motor that will, within its mechanical limitations, continue to deliver the required CFM despite dirty air filters, or closed supply dampers, or inadequate duct systems.

As the motor speeds up to deliver the proper airflow, the electrical consumption of the motor also climbs. Unfortunately the result may be extreme air velocity and noise in order to do so, with the accompanying high energy bills. Depending on the thermostatic control, you may be able to make some adjustments through the thermostat.

Other manufacturers also have thermostats that can do the same. If the unit is noisy, why not call the installing company back to address the issue?

They were supposed to deliver comfort and noise isn't very comforting for most folks. Give it a try. Yes, in a normal 2-stage system the t-stat will control both the HP staging and the associated blower speeds. If you've got a 2-stage geo HP then yes, the blower should be responding to the staging of the HP.

How to Set Furnace Blower Speeds

How the HP stages is irrelevant to the issue of the blower running "randomly" with no association to the HP stage. The geo systems we install are all done with a split system set-up and we use a Bryant Evolution system for the air handler.

Thanks very much for taking the time to respond.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. It had been set on the higher speed, but that was too harsh, so I lowered it to the slower speed. Does that have any impact on the efficiency of the unit? Because the slower air velocity over the heat element is transferring fewer BTU units into the circulated air and they simply go up the exhaust pipe.

I am currently heavily invested in studying and learning the subject as I commit myself to reducing my winter energy costs this year. I'm in the process of re-wiring my blower to run on high with the furnace.

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In support of this: I found the mfr owner's manual for my furnace and in it, it states, "if you have an air-conditioning coil installed, you should switch the furnace blower speed to high to accommodate the decreased air-flow caused by the cooling coil in the plenum.

On high speed it takes min. Now, I haven't done the measurement to learn how much electricity my blower uses on low vs high. But I'm reasonably sure it uses less to run on high vs low then it uses to run on low vs OFF.

Furnace ECM Motor Repair

I do know that my entire furnace runs safely on a 15amp breaker with the blower on high, the burner running, the humidifier running, and the water pump to empty the humidifier running.

Thus, my blower can't be using that much electricity on high. So clearly, running your furnace blower on low is only more efficient IF-and-ONLY-IF the cost of the heating fuel is much much less then the cost of the electricity to run the blower that little bit faster. After a bit of research, translated: "mad google skills" I found an article claiming that lowering the blower speed may increase efficiency.

I'm not completely convinced on this, since the claim is made by a company that sells variable speed blowers for retrofitting HVAC systems. I would think adjusting the heating element would save more energy than reducing the blower's electric consumption, but I didn't do a study on it myself. Heat transfer wasn't one of my favorite classes in college - I focused more on dynamic systems, sorry. Many gas-fired, high-efficiency furnaces also save on the electricity required to power the blower motor, though this savings is not factored into the AFUE rating.

They do this by coupling a sophisticated, programmable thermostat to a variable-speed motor. For homeowners who want to upgrade rather than replace an existing furnace, Emerson Electric offers an exclusive replacement blower motor called the Mark Z that can be set by the homeowner on a continuous, slower-than-normal speed. If you really wanted to be scientific, you could perform an experiment and post the results here.

I'd go with logging temperature differential inside temp - outside temp vs. That will give you the most reliable results for your particular system. The last two 5 and 6 aren't as important, but more data is always better.

Trust me, the worst thing that happens to me on the job is having inconclusive results due to insufficient data collection during an expensive and time-intensive study.

It shouldn't take more than a few minutes a day to record the data anyway. I'm not sure exactly the formula I'd use to normalize the results, but I'm pretty confident I could come up with some correlation if I had the data to play with.


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